What to Do When You Feel Unmotivated to Do Anything

Motivation is a very crucial thing to be a successful person. There isn’t a person in this world that can achieve success without having any motivation in themselves.

This is because, on the journey to success, the path will be hard, rough, and tough for them. There will be a lot of obstacles and challenges that will appear along the way.

Those people who can’t beat them will get beaten instead, and unfortunately, most of them will give up chasing their dream.

Even the most successful people also will be facing a moment where you feel so tired and unmotivated at some point in your life while working towards the goal. You feel things become heavier than you can handle.

What was playing in your mind was that you just want to give up everything and live a simple life without any goals to achieve.

Undeniably, maintaining motivation in ourselves all the time is a challenging thing to do. Sometimes we become unmotivated and discouraged without even knowing the reason why.

motivation quotes zig ziglar

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”
– Zig Ziglar

Do you want to know why you feel unmotivated? What was the reason for it? Is it common things to feel like this? You can read more on. In this article, I will tell you what to do when you feel unmotivated to do anything. Without further ado, let’s explore it:

1. Circle yourself with positive people

This is the best method to keep yourself motivated. Positive people will try to spread their positiveness to the people who are close to them. Thus, by making friends with them absolutely, we will also be affected and influenced by how they handle every situation that comes to them.

Even more so, when you feel unmotivated in life, being closer to them surely will help you to ignite back the spirit in yourself to make you motivated again.

These guys are the ones who are going to help keep you on the right track, give advice whenever you need one, or give you a lean shoulder when it gets rough.

“You need to associate with people that inspire you, people that challenge you to rise higher, people that make you better. Don’t waste your valuable time with people that are not adding to your growth. Your destiny is too important.”
– Joel Osteen


“Surround yourself with those who only lift you higher.”
– Oprah Winfrey

2. Exercise regularly

People who are lazy to exercise usually can be easily unmotivated. This is because there is clearly a connection between fitness and success. The more fit your body and physicals are, the healthier your mental state can be.

Thus, it makes you think clearly without the intervention of the toxic in your body.

Furthermore, by exercising regularly, we actually fight laziness, which is the root of the unmotivated self. As for your information, exercise and being unmotivated are on the opposite side of each other.

There isn’t anyone without any motivation that is eager and willing to exercise regularly except for their motivation to overcome and rise from failure.

“Fitness starts in your head. You must choose to eat clean, exercise regularly, and treat your body with respect.”
– Anonymous

exercise quotes barack obama

“You have to exercise, or at some point, you’ll just break down.”
– Barack Obama

3. Take some time off from whatever you do

Sometimes, people feel unmotivated and tired because they keep working all day night long. Unfortunately, everything that they strive for goes down the drain. And they didn’t find the dreams that they worked really hard for.

Thus, whenever you feel that symptom, take some time off from whatever you do but don’t ever try to stop!

That’s the reason why everyone needs to take a break sometimes. Run away from your work for a while, go on vacation and have some fun there. Make sure the stress and depression that are always disturbing and messing around with your mind are flush away and leave while you are there.

And I’m pretty sure the view of nature’s beauty and the smile of your loved one will cure and motivate you again to do your best in your work.

“Let’s loosen up some time and take a break to re-calibrate our life. We need no endless over-thinking, though. Let’s just connect the dots, set the scene, and steam ahead. (On a casual day without a tie)”
– Erik Pevernagie


“When things are not happening as planned, just stop worrying and take an unplanned break to regain yourself.”
– Giridhar Alwar

4. Explore new interest or hobby

A lot of people tend to be unmotivated because they keep doing the same thing in their life. They don’t have any interest left for that. Thus, the only solution for this is to try and explore a lot of new interests to make you motivated again.

But, how can I search for my new interest or hobby? You might be wondering about that, right? To do that, you can become a detective of your own. Try to ask yourself a few questions and make sure you answer them honestly.

When was the last time you enjoyed yourself? What activity did you do back then?

Or if you have time and money, you can travel all around the world and try things you have never tried before. I’m pretty sure you will find your new interest there.

“We should make some time in between and organize our life, relax ourselves and spend more time with our family, friends, and pursue our own hobbies.”
– Robert Gallagher

try new hobbies quotes pursue new experiences

“Try new hobbies. Develop new interests. Pursue new experiences. When you expand your interests, you increase your opportunities for happiness.”
– Richelle E. Goodrich

As I said before, trying to maintain being motivated is very tough and takes a long time to nurture it, and being unmotivated is so easy, and you can be one in no time.

But remember, you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain, and you can’t have diamonds without any pressure.

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