Success is important? Here 3 Important Reasons Why

You might be wondering, why are all of the people out there so eager to become successful? And what makes success so vital in their life until they are ready to sacrifice anything for it. Either it is their sleep, rest time, or even their life they are willing to give if needed.

Why don’t these people relax, sleep on time, rest sufficiently and be in a comfortable zone all their life? You might not notice this, but success is an essential thing for all of us.

Everyone needs to be successful to make their life work as they wish. But then, the definition of success is different for each person.

Sometimes, people think success is when you become a rich person and can buy whatever you want, or for some people, success is when you become the most influential person in the world. Still, some people just want to be comfortable and straightforward with their loved ones.

Whatever the definition of success for a person is, they have similar things and a purpose of achieving, which is to liven up their dream. To reach the destination, they dare facing any challenge that comes and fights with all of their might.

And along the way, the pursuit of success is something that inspires us, encourages us, and motivates us to keep trying on and on. Even if you fail once in a while in your journey, success is something that holds you tight to make your dreams come true.

“Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be.”
– Zig Ziglar

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.”
– Bill Gates

Thus, to know why success is important? Or what is the reason for it? Do you really need to achieve it? Let’s explore it.

3 Reasons why success is important

1. Step to become a person who you wants to be

Past is something that you cannot change. What is your history, your background, or who your parents are cannot change. Arabic proverbs said time is like a sword. If you don’t cut it, it will cut you.

This proverb is suitable for time because gold is something you can buy if you become rich, but time doesn’t. But then there is something in life that you can change, which is your future, or who you want to be.

And success plays a vital role in doing so. Because everyone has something they want in their life.

Thus, the path to reach for the destination will indirectly shape you to become someone appropriate for the person who you want to become.

Success is just like the top of the mountain, you need to climb step by step, even if you fall along the way, but you will be a step closer to it day by day. And those falls will surely make you physically and mentally stronger than before. You just have to put trust in yourself more.

“Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on.”
– Henry Rollins

make it happen quotes michael jordan

“Some people want it to happen. Some wish it would happen. Others make it happen.”
– Michael Jordan

2. To become the story of your life

Someone might have said to you, why are you trying so hard? Why do you choose a challenging path as your life’s journey? Why don’t you just use a simple and easy life? Because in the end, you will die, and nothing of it can you bring into your grave.

Of course, these kinds of statements, or should I call facts, can really weaken your spirit to face the challenge. Because there is nothing, you can argue about it. Your hard work or your achievement cannot make you live forever.

One day you will be dead and left everything, whether your money, building, or even your gold.

But then, do you mind being remembered as a loser forever? When the other children can tell people the achievement or good things of their father or mother and how proud they become their children, what will your children tell others about you?

Is it on what kind of a loser are you? Or even worse, they are too embarrassed to tell the other about you? Do you really want that? Is that the kind of person you want to be remembered?

Of course, not. There is nobody in this world who will ever want that. That’s why you need to become successful in your life so that people will remember you positively. And your children will be proud of you and tell everyone that you are his/her father or mother, and about the positive things that you ever did in your life.

Your success will become a story that will be passed down from one generation to the other generation.

“Become your own success story, not someone else’s.”
– Stephen Richards

“A great success story is the only proof that you have given your dream your very best.”
– Edmond Mbiaka

3. Success has a good and enjoying taste

Can you tell me who hates winning? Who hates to become a successful person in life? Can you name me one? Of course not! There is nobody in this that hates winning. Everyone just loves to win and be successful!

It is a common thing. Nobody can deny that people were born with a love to win. This feeling also can be seen in the kids. When they are playing a game, they must be the ones to succeed. It does not matter if there is a prize or not. They just want to win.

Success and winning are the same things. Even though it is something that we cannot eat, but the taste is so exquisite that it can make you cry a lot. That’s why everyone needs to feel the success to enjoy the taste as much as the successful person feels.

“Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly. Taste the relish to be found in competition – in having put forth the best within you.”
– Henry J. Kaiser

success quotes kevin harvick

“Everybody got a taste of success, and everybody wants to keep elevating that to the next level.”
– Kevin Harvick

So, did it answer your question on why success is essential in our life? Why do we need success? Please bear in mind that success is important than happiness. Because we only become happy once we find success.

Many people out there give up their dreams to feel temporary joy, but once the happiness faded, they started to regret it. So, don’t regret it later on!

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