42 Short Quotes to Say to Yourself that will Inspire You

Learning or doing something requires determination and the courage to push through the heavy feeling of not being very successful until you hit the competence level. Need something that inspires, motivates, or helps you to keep trying?

Whatever the cause, here’s a long list of short inspirational quotations for each of us. Sometimes we don’t have to use a lot of words to get our message through. In reality, keeping things short and easy will make what we say more effective and unforgettable.

To be successful, we should use every day as an opportunity to change, to be stronger, and to get a little closer to our success. It could seem like a lot of effort and a heavy workload, also nearly seem impossible.

But still, the good thing about that is, the more we achieve, the more we would like to do, and the higher we’ll want to achieve. We hope these quotes will going to give all the readers the spark that we need the most.

First, we have to believe in ourselves because we are the ones that will say all these quotes to ourselves.

Short Quotes to Inspire yourself

“If I want it, I will work for it.”

“I can do anything I want to if I stick to it long enough.”

find way quotes

“If it matters to me, I’ll find a way.”

“I’ll do it.”

“I will stay foolish to stay sane.”

“I will fight till the last gasp.”

“If I grow, I will grow stronger.”

“I am not telling people about my plans. But I’ll show them the results.”

“I only live once.”

“I have to be brave if I want to be free.”

“Once I choose hope, anything’s possible.”

“I can if I think I can.”

“I will grow through what I go through.”

“I’ll live the moment.”

“I will work hard and stay humble.”

start without fear quotes

“I will start without fear.”

“Now, is all that I have.”

“I will never stop dreaming.”

“I know the better things are coming.”

“I know that nothing lasts forever.”

“I have fallen seven times, but I stand up eight.”

“My life is short, and death is forever.”

“I have to be odd to be number one.”

“I can and I will.”

“I will keep trying. If I fail again, I fail better.”

“I’d rather choose to live happily.”

“I believed I could, so I did.”

“I can totally do this.”

“I will take the risk, or I will lose the chance.”

“I am better than this.”

“I will strive for greatness.”

“I feel the fear and do it anyway.”

I do it well quotes

“Whatever I do, I’ll do it well.”

“I know that my imperfections are a blessing.”

“No pressure, no food.”

“My memories will die, but not my dreams.”

“Whatever I am, I’ll be a good one.”

“I know the best is yet to come.”

“I will prove them wrong.”

“I’ll be kind to unkind people, they need it the most.”

“I’ll love more and worry less.”

“Even if I am going through hell, I’ll keep going.”

Loves to share beautiful things in life. If you think today is your bad day, think of tomorrow as your great day. Everything that happens is on what you think.

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