Why You Need the Motivation to Succeed: 4 Reasons

According to research, having motivation enhances learning and success. Or in other words, motivation is interdependent with achievement and success. It does correlate with each other. So why do you need the motivation to succeed actually?

Motivation can drive you, even when things aren’t going how you planned.

Below are a few reasons why you need the motivation to succeed. After explaining how motivation helps your success in each area, we’ve listed a few tips on how you can tap into motivation to push yourself toward success.

1. Motivation gives you energy

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Firstly, you need the motivation to succeed because motivation will give you energy. When you’re excited about something, you tend to bring more energy to it. That’s why we often feel more energetic when we’re doing something that we really want to be doing. Having motivation gives us the energy and enthusiasm we need toward our goals.

If you’ve ever worked a job you didn’t like, you probably know what it’s like to try to work when you don’t have enthusiasm. You might put off clocking in until the last minute. Without motivation, the quality of your work may be poor because you just don’t care about it.

It’s completely different when you’re working a job you love. Because you know you’re going to enjoy working, you bring more energy to your job. Even if you don’t love every part of your job, your motivation is likely to soar when you’re doing a job that matters to you.

“Positive thoughts, words, and actions create positive feelings. Positive feelings generate positive energy.”
– Nozer Kanga

Tips for getting the motivation to give you energy:

i. Make sure every task is helping you work toward a goal that matters to you.

This means that you should give meaning even to the most mundane things. Even if your job is not in the field you’d like, remind yourself that your current job is helping you fund the education or training you need to reach your dream job.

For other tasks, like cleaning around the house or paying bills, remind yourself that completing those things helps give you the future you want. When you attach meaning to every task, you empower with the motivation you need to succeed.

ii. When possible, make changes so that your responsibilities are in alignment with what motivates you.

Adjust your responsibilities to your motivation to succeed. If helping people motivates you, find a job where you can serve people. If having financial stability is a major motivating factor, work on building the skills you need to have a stable job. When you can, make changes in your life that allow you to work with your motivation, not against it.

iii. Reward yourself for completing some tasks.

There’s no way to sugar coat it: some tasks just stink. When you have tasks to do that you aren’t excited about, think of a reward you’ll give yourself afterward. This may be a special dessert, extra time watching TV, or something else that will help motivate you to complete the task.

2. Motivation improves your performance

Secondly, the reason you need the motivation to succeed is that it will certainly improve your performance. Not only do you have more energy when you’re motivated, but having motivation will make you produce better work. If you feel really motivated to work on a task, it will be easier to focus and commit to doing a great job.

Your overall performance improves by having motivation.

For example, a graduate student working on a final project is more likely to turn in a great project if they have the motivation to do it. Without motivation, obviously, it won’t be the same. This is the reason a lot of professors give a lot of freedom for final projects.

Students are allowed to research a related topic of their own choosing. Because they have the freedom to research what they’re interested in, they’re more likely to turn in a high-quality final project. Motivation is often the difference between “passing” and “great.”

The same thing happens at work. By having the motivation to meet goals in your workplace, you’re more likely to do well at your job. Whether you’re working in fast food or as a vice president for a financial planning firm, the motivation you bring to your work directly impacts the quality of your work.

start quotes joe sabah. Motivation to succeed.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”
– Joe Sabah

Tips for getting the motivation to improve your performance:

i. Look for options that interest you.

In higher education, this means selecting an area of study that interests you. At work, this may mean talking to your boss about moving into a position that especially interests you. When you can tap into options that interest you, you’re more likely to have the motivation to complete the task.

ii. Fake it ‘till you make it.

Sometimes you need to trick your mind into feeling motivated. If you act enthusiastic and approach things with motivation, you’re more likely to tap into dormant motivation.

For some people, the secret to getting motivation is working on a task until they have the motivation to match the work they’re doing.

3. Motivation drives commitment

Thirdly, the reason why you need the motivation to succeed is that it’ll push you to be more committed. It takes serious commitment to get big tasks done. When you’re motivated to get something done, you’re more likely to have the commitment necessary to finish the job.

For example, getting a college degree takes a serious amount of commitment. Attending college requires a financial investment, time, and dedication. Some students work several jobs and then return home to do homework until late at night.

Without motivation, you’re not likely to stick with the strains of a college education to get through school. For some, that motivation may be the prodding of parents.

For others, the desire to be successful in a particular career path is a driving force. Whatever the reason, motivation helps drive individuals to remain committed to tasks.

Highly motivated individuals are more likely to take on challenges that will make them more successful. Your motivation can push you to higher and higher levels of success.

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“You don’t get 100% results with only 50% commitment.”
– Anonymous

Tips for getting the motivation to drive commitment:

i. Ask yourself what you really want in life.

Take the time to list the things that really matter to you. The things that you really want in life will give you the push you need to get through obstacles.

For example, if you want to be a teacher, that desire will motivate you to get your education and certification. Even when your studies are difficult, your dreams will motivate you.

ii. Write down your motivation.

If you’re going through a hard time, it might help to write down the things that motivate you and hang that list somewhere that you’ll see every day. It’ll give you an extra drive if you always see your motivation to succeed.

For example, if you’re trying to learn digital marketing so you’ll qualify for a promotion at work, write something along the lines of: “If I master digital marketing, I’ll qualify for a promotion at work.” Hang that somewhere where you’ll see it regularly as a reminder to learn more about digital marketing.

4. Motivation is visible to others

The next reason why you need the motivation to succeed is that it is visible to others. Motivated people get noticed by others. When you have the motivation to do something, other people notice your drive. In a corporate setting, that sort of motivation may result in promotions and added responsibilities.

Employers want to hire and promote people who are passionate about what they do. In fast food, retail, and factory jobs, motivated individuals are often promoted to positions of leadership.

Even in entry-level jobs, the level of drive and commitment you bring to your job can play a huge role in determining your future success.

giving quotes calvin coolidge. Motivation to succeed.

“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”
– Calvin Coolidge

Tips for getting the motivation to be visible to others:

i. Share your motivation with others.

While your motivation may be obvious, sometimes it helps to share your goals and motivations with other people. For example, if you hope to work your way up to management at your job, let people know.

When employers know a person is interested in training to be in management, they’re more likely to invest in their training. When other people know what your motivation is, they may remind you of that when you’re struggling.

ii. Get motivation from both long and short-term goals.

Your long-term goals will drive you to make big life changes. They’ll motivate you to make investments in your education and training.

But don’t neglect the benefits that can come from investing in short-term goals. A short-term goal to do well at a particular job can motivate you to bring your best to any job you’re in.

Let’s Review

Motivation isn’t just about having the enthusiasm to complete some things. When you’re aware of what motivates you, you empower yourself for future success. By tapping into what motivates you, you’ll approach your work with energy and commitment.

The work you create will meet a higher standard. Employers will easily spot this kind of motivation.

By having the motivation to succeed, you may find that you’re better equipped to achieve even your highest goals.

Faith Taylor
Faith Taylor
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