7 Effective Study Techniques for College Students to Try

Being a college or university student is not easy. Especially if you are new and trying to adapt. But worry not. These are some simple study techniques for college or university students to try. May this reading benefit you guys.

Point of view.

It’s midnight; you just finished your second cup of coffee and are combing through notes, and textbook pages, cramming for that exam you have at 9 am tomorrow.

We’ve all been in this position. And whenever we’re in the throes of an all-nighter, we always end up thinking,

“Why didn’t I just study earlier?”

It’s easy to say, but it can be hard to do. Effective study techniques and strategies that turn into reflexive habits are the keys to ending the nightmarish all-nighter approach. Good study habits start with setting goals, being consistent, and learning from failures.

We all know that exams, assignments, and projects can cause enormous stress. So, why wouldn’t we study smarter instead of harder?

Here are seven simple yet effective study techniques that you guys, college students, can try to tackle test anxiety, avoid burnout, and get the better grades we deserve.

1. Use a Planner

The easiest thing we can do to stay organized and on track is to use a planner. With an overwhelming amount of assignments, projects, presentations, and exams within a single semester, using a planner allows us to stay ahead of the curve.

Starting the semester by filling in critical due dates and starting every week by jotting down a class and work schedule will assure you don’t miss any vital tasks. You’ll never have that crucial exam date sneak up on you or happen to forget that five-page essay again!

Using a planner can further keep you more productive each day. If you buy an hourly planner, you can plan every moment, including when to wake up, study, take a break and work out.

A daily planner allows you to prioritize your tasks and stay focused without wasting too much time. Lower your stress levels and stay ahead of studying by keeping a visual outline of tasks and due dates in front of you; use a planner!

Though it might look silly to others, believe me, having a planner is a simple yet very effective study technique for college students to try.

2. Use all resources available

High schools, universities, colleges, and technical schools have countless resources at your disposal. Here are just a few that will tremendously help you with studying:

i. The Library:


Don’t underestimate the study resources that your school library provides. Beyond the apparent ability to check out many books, the library offers access to databases, digital collections, course guides, and research guides.

The library can also provide a quiet haven to turn to when you need to concentrate on your work. Many libraries additionally come with private study rooms, which are especially helpful for study groups or when you need to keep distractions at a minimum.

It would be best if you didn’t forget about your school librarians either. Librarians have a plethora of knowledge and expertise to share and are there to help you through your academic career. Let them know your needs, and your school’s librarians will be happy to point you to the best resources to utilize.

It’s a shame if you have never been to the library once or just been there for the orientation. Use the library. It’s your right!

ii. Tutoring Services:

Tutors are a great resource to help you study and establish better study routines and practices. This time can give you the space to focus on one subject and give you additional practice with coursework.

A tutor can also provide helpful study tips and make learning your course material a more engaging and pleasing experience.

You can also ask them for some simple study techniques for college students like you to try.

iii. Counselling and Health and Wellness Center:

We can all become overwhelmed with studying or endure bouts of excess stress and anxiety during the semester. Sometimes, the best solution is to go to our school counselors or health center for help.

Counselors or health professionals provide an outlet to express our difficulties and receive caring and constructive support. They can also help with academic troubles such as procrastination and test anxiety. Thus, they must be able to help you with study habits and time management.

3. Find a Study Buddy or Join a Study Group


Finding a study buddy or joining a study group can be great for time management, tackling challenging subjects faster, and boosting your grades. Meeting at specific times with your friends assures that you won’t procrastinate on your studying.

It offers you more outlets to ask questions, the ability to quiz one another, and a greater probability of being more prepared for your next exam. Also, study groups are great practice for the real world, where work environments often center around collaboration and teamwork.

Needless to say, you guys might also share your own effective and simple study techniques to survive college together!

4. Get Enough Rest

Getting adequate sleep at night promotes better memory and learning during the day. Pulling an all-nighter to study for an exam does not give your body the proper time to interpret and memorize the course content, which happens most effectively during deep sleep.

For high schoolers, between 8 to 10 hours of sleep is necessary. But for college students or adults, between 7 to 9 hours is appropriate. With more sleep, your mind can stay focused and attentive throughout the day, processing information as intended.

Furthermore, proper sleep will enhance your ability to study and further promote your goals of getting higher grades.

5. Find a Study Space

Whether in the school library, at your dorm room desk, or in a quiet corner of your favorite coffee shop, we should all dedicate a single space to studying. A location with loud noises and distractions may not be ideal for some of us.

Substituting a peaceful area to concentrate can make an incredible difference in establishing consistent and effective studying habits. You want to find a comfortable spot but not so relaxing that it puts you to sleep.

Although convenient, your bed might not be the best place for studying. Lying in bed to do homework can be much too cozy! On the other hand, at a desk in your room, the library, an empty classroom, or an office will better serve your studying purposes.

A devoted study space visited consistently will allow your mind to clear and contemplate the task. Going to your study space at regular times during the day can encourage a better schedule and help you build upon your study habits.

6. Use Online Study Tools

Many classes are switching to online or hybrid formats; using online study tools can be a great supplement to make studying more manageable and effective. Here are some of the best online study tools to use today, which can also provide effective study techniques for college students like you to try:

i. Quizlet

Quizlet is an increasingly popular application that allows you to study and learn through various modes and games. Users create lists of terms and definitions, which can then be studied in different modes, such as flashcards, written test formats, or a matching game, to name a few.

It also provides access to thousands of other user-generated setlists that you can search for and learn from.

ii. Chegg

Chegg.com and its mobile application offer subscriptions to online tutoring from experts, textbook rentals, homework help, and other student services.

Students can ask for assistance on their most challenging class problems through Chegg homework help or the online tutoring option and receive step-by-step feedback to help them learn the material. Among other resources, Chegg can be your one-stop shop to solve all of your homework and studying troubles.

iii. SparkNotes

SparkNotes is a free resource to help you when you’re confused about a particular book, paper, or homework assignment and provides information on a wide range of topics and courses.

This online tool also offers study guides on hundreds of curriculums and subjects. When you’re stuck and looking for additional information and guidance, this is the best free site to visit!

7. Take Planned Breaks


Give your body and your mind a break every so often while studying. One of the most essential techniques to remember while studying is to space your time and take moments to rest.

Long study periods are ineffective and can also take a toll on your mental and physical health. Try studying for 50 to 60 minutes, followed by a 10 to 15-minute break.

Doing so can help you memorize material and improve your productivity. During your break, try to go outside, stretch your legs, and give your brain some well-needed time to recuperate.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Skip the all-nighters and burnouts.
  2. Plan by writing out priorities in a planner, using resources and online tools, remembering to physically and mentally take care of yourself with enough sleep, and choosing suitable study environments.
  3. Good study habits take time, but by employing these effective techniques in our everyday lives, we can learn to study in a way that improves our grades and supports a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t forget to try all these simple yet effective study techniques for college or university students like you to try!

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