Ways to Show Appreciation: 12 Beautiful Ways

Looking for ways to show appreciation? Let’s go! May this reading benefit you 🙂

Showing appreciation to someone is one of the most powerful acts of love you can give to that person. We all love when some people say “thank you” to us. Well, who doesn’t?

We are taught from an early age to say thank you whenever people do good to us. As we grow older, we realize the impact of showing appreciation, whether with words or through a present, is priceless.

Here are 12 beautiful ways to show appreciation to someone. It applies to the beloved ones, colleagues, or even strangers on the street. Try it!

Beautiful Ways to Show Appreciation

1. A simple hug

old hug love

Yup, you read it right! It’s said that something as simple as a hug can boost the level of oxytocin. Which gives off that happy, feel-good vibe. And also, it’s free! Sometimes, you don’t even need to take out a single cent to show your appreciation.

Pandemic concerns? Well, it’s not necessarily a huge hug. Alternatively, we can keep that to a minimum with people outside our homes. A fist bump or elbow bump can also work. As long as the person understands that you are showing your appreciation, it’ll do!

2. Cup o’ coffee, anyone?

McCafé Premium Roast

We all know how stressful our work life can get. Nevertheless, a cup of coffee is what it takes to get through a day. Say thank you to them with coffee! It’s a good idea to show appreciation to your beloved ones.

Such a simple action as bringing your partner, coworker, or best friend some morning coffee can instantly set the tone for a much better day. Imagine giving someone a cup of coffee to express appreciation for them every morning.

Well, it doesn’t have to be coffee. Ask them whether it should be tea or chocolate or anything else! They will surely like your ways of showing appreciation.

3. A simple text or call


We are keeping it simple here because it’s just that easy. But clearly, many people underestimate the power of just a simple text. Remember, people can’t read our minds. So take a moment to let them know how you feel.

Indeed, next time you want to show your appreciation for someone, try a simple text or give them a call.

Imagine receiving a random text from beloved ones saying, “Thank you for being on my side and always supporting me.” Just imagine how they would feel from this simple act.

Without a doubt, it’ll make their day. This is a beautiful way to show your appreciation.

4. Say thank you; Speak it out loud!


This one is very simple; just a simple thank you will do! We often overlook this simple act of kindness. A simple thank you is one of the simplest yet best ways to show appreciation. Besides, it’s cost-free too!

Whether this is your family or your team at work, telling someone you’re grateful for them is always nice. But telling it in front of the people? Even better! Can you imagine how that person will feel? It’s a beautiful way to show your appreciation.

Yes, I know. You never need others around when giving praise. But it means much to the other person when a thank you is extended around others. It just tells how grateful you are to that person.

5. Can we say gift basket?

Broadway Basketeers Deluxe Gift Basket

What’s easier than picking out a gift basket for the person you appreciate. This gift keeps giving because it’s more enjoyable opening a gift when many gifts are included.

You can take it a step further and create the basket yourself with items that people love. But no judgment here! You can also buy one that’s already meticulously wrapped and perfectly decorated.

6. Food. Period.

Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.

-Alan D. Wolfelt

Extending an appreciation with food and drinks usually guarantees a good time. Who doesn’t want to get gifted with a nice meal?

Do you want to show gratitude to your parents? Or is your partner overwhelmed with work? Take them out for dinner. Indulge in great food at their favorite restaurant.

Want to take a step further as ways to show appreciation to your beloved ones? Cook for them! Take the time to prepare nice meals for a special person that you are thankful to have in life.

Or you can also cook together. Pick a meal you both enjoy and spend the day cooking together. Gather the ingredients. Be mindful of each other’s company, and enjoy the moment – and the delicious meal. 

It will be one of the ways to show appreciation. And it’ll also be moments you will remember for your whole life.

7. Send them flowers and a note


“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful. They are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul.”

Pick out a beautiful bouquet. Have them delivered to the person you want to show you gratitude at work or home, especially for ladies. You’ll surely get a phone call or text with a beautiful thank you back.

Definitely, flowers are a beautiful way to show appreciation to someone. And it’s a gift that will make them smile the whole day!

8. Take Initiative. Give a hand!

Give a hand. There is plenty you can do. Helping your parents with the house chores. Take care of your kids when your partner is busy. Volunteering to do your colleague task when they are overwhelmed with other things.

This may seem simple. But it means a lot to the other person. Indeed, giving a hand when they need it is one of the best ways to show appreciation.

It’s about creating calm for the person running around trying to get things done. And they’ll be incredibly grateful for the peace you’ve given them.

9. “Just Because” card

Birthday Pop-Up Box

Have you ever seen “Just Because” cards at hallmark or your local corner store? Those are great cards for telling someone you love or appreciating them in random and unique moments in your life.

Nowadays, texts take over our communication. And while we love appreciation texts, it’s a real surprise when you pick up a card and write down words of kindness and appreciation. They can keep that for a long time and look back on it.

10. Surprise them

Birthday Surprise Box

Surprising someone is a sweet way of letting them know they’ve been on your mind. You can be more creative here.

You can surprise this person by picking up their favorite treats. Or getting them a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Surprising them gives you extra time to think of a thoughtful gift. And who doesn’t love waking up and being surprised by someone who appreciates them?

11. Send some social media love

We live in a tech society where social media is the go-to way of communicating anything on your mind.

We often see it on social media when one of our friends is tagged in a special message and reposts it to their own page. If appropriate, make a sweet social media post or story giving thanks and appreciation for the things they’ve done for you.

It may look simple, but it is an excellent way to show appreciation to someone.

12. Do what you’re good at


Think about the skills you carry and see if there’s a way to show appreciation. For example, if you love to bake, make some treats, and offer them up as thanks to that particular person.

If you love kids or have extra time on your hands, you can babysit for your friend while she goes on date night or gets a haircut. Finding ways in which you can uniquely contribute to their life while tapping into a skill of yours is a win-win and makes everybody feel good in the long run.

None of these 12 ideas take a lot of effort, time, or money from your wallet. It’s really about getting vocal with the people we appreciate in our lives because we often go a long time without appreciating our people.

For such a small action, it does have a tremendous impact on the person receiving the thanks. Maybe think about a moment in your life where someone went out of their way to tell you how much your effort or hard work means to them.

You have to admit, it turned your day around and made you feel really happy. This world needs more of that. So, let’s be mindful of people’s extra effort and be vocal in our appreciation for them.

Loves to share beautiful things in life. If you think today is your bad day, think of tomorrow as your great day. Everything that happens is on what you think.

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